About Dr. Elliott

     Dr. Peggy Elliott is an apostle/equipper, evangelist, conference speaker, author and President of Peggy Elliott Ministries, Inc.  She has been active in full-time ministry since 1984.  She founded and established the first multi-racial/multi-cultural congregation in St. Paul, The International Five-Fold Ministry Network, a publishing company, a consulting firm specializing in racial and cultural diversity, Apostolic and Roundtable Ministries and The I Am Finally Free Training Institute. She currently writes a monthly column for a new publication, Triumphant One, a Christian e-magazine, with a readership of three million subscribers 


      Elliott is a much-sought-after motivational and inspirational speaker, captivating audiences with her humor, wisdom, knowledge and bold transparency. She impacts lives on a personal, spiritual and professional basis.


     The mission of the ministry is to follow the instructions in Ephesians 4: 11, 12 - "...He has given the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastor's teachers."  The individuals called into these offices are responsible for equipping God's people to do His work and build up the church.    One of the signature ministries of PEM is inner healing and deliverance.  She trains church teams and individuals to provide these much-needed ministries to the body of Christ.  Elliott apostolically oversees five congregations and opened an Apostolic Training and Healing Center in Minneapolis, MN.  In 2019, Elliott will open the same centers in Nairobi, Kenya.


     Elliott has authored eight, Christian non-fiction, self-help books. Dr. Alveda King, a niece of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, wrote the forward to one of her books.  Elliott’s passion is to see men and women of God healed, delivered, and equipped to do the work of the Gospel.

An Opportunity to Listen Dr. Elliott

Dr. Elliott and Dr. Steve Perry

Dr. Elliott organized educator Dr. Steve Perry, known for the founding of charter schools which are filled with African American students.  100% of the students graduate and 100% attend college upon graduation.

Dr. Peggy Elliott Preaching Graduation Sermon

at Tree of Life, Mpls. MN

Come to the Fountain Conference

Dr. Elliott speaking on Healing


a Broken Leadership Team


On a national basis it has been said that I am the ‘go to’ person on the subject of the dynamics of being a one and only. God has blessed me to overcome many life obstacles, and I use my experiences to personally appeal to both the head and heart of her audiences, hence her tagline, ‘transforming from the inside out.”


     As a native of St. Paul, MN, I have been a pioneer most of my life, starting new ministries, being on the cutting edge.  For instance, God allowed me to pastor the first multi-racial congregation in the city in the early 1990’s. In addition to pastoring, I was a college professor and a family therapist for 14 years and for approximately 40 years, have owned and operated an international consulting firm, specializing in racial and cultural diversity, as well as providing Freedom Coaching to exeutives and diversity training to well over 10,000 individuals.

     Outside of giving my life to the Lord, I have been blessed to travel internationally and meet some of the most interesting people.  One of the most exciting time in my life as a consultant is when I become an advisor to


then-President Bill Clinton, on race relations in America.  In addition, I wrote a speech for him to deliver to the annual Baptist convention on The Separation of  Church and  State.  Just weeks before the call, I was attending a World Peace Conference in Caux, Switzerland. My group consisted of a gentleman who had been in prison with President Nelson Mandella.  

Her missionary experience has taken me to South Africa, Argentina  My and Haiti. I was honored to have been the first female and first African American to serve on the Western State Bank Board.  Education has always been important to me.  I have received an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Theology from Houghton University, Houghton, New York, a Masters in Social Work from the University of Minnesota, a Bachelors in Social Work from St. Catherine College, St. Paul, Minnesota, and an Associates Degree in Bible Studies from Berean College, Springfield, MO.  

My greatest joy over the past few years has been to open Apostolic Centers, training and equipping those in the five-fold ministry. It is also a blessing to see men and women of God healed, equipped, and transformed, going out and beginning Apostolic Centers themselves.  In overseeing three centers, I continue to thank God for trusting me with his sheep. ​





      A sample list of clients over 40 years:


The White House            


Deluxe Company              



United Health Care

The Girls and Boy Scouts of America

The Christian College Consortium

 Asbury College/Kentucky

Luther College and Seminary

Bethel College and Seminary

Wells Fargo ​Bank



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