“Dr. Elliott has radically shifted the way that our ministry approaches deliverance ministry. Through Dr. Elliot’s training, our leaders have grown in the understanding of our ability to cast out and have dominion over spirits by the power of Jesus Christ. Dr. Elliott’s deliverance book and manual is scholarly written and our team leaders were able to readily grasp it’s content.

     Dr. Elliott’s anointing for deliverance is so strong that many of our leaders were set free from spiritual oppression that they had dealt with for many years. As a result, of the deliverance training our ministry is poised for the next dimension of our journey.

     We are eternally grateful to Dr. Elliott for her obedience to God in the writing of the book and development of the manual. We continue to fight the kingdom of darkness one spirit at a time. Bless you Dr. Elliott”

Pastors D and Stacie

     “Before being introduced to Dr. Peggy Elliott Ministries, Inc., I had no clue that demonic activity was REAL. Yes, I read about it in the Bible, but I never fully understood what all it entailed. She explained to us that during this training process, we would personally go through deliverance ourselves.  

     Dr. Elliott did a phenomenal job explaining everything that had to do with personal deliverance or assisting during one. She simplified the types of spirits there were, their character traits and behaviors, what causes a person to have to go through deliverance, and how to maintain one’s deliverance.

     She was also very transparent in sharing her personal experiences and her deliverance experience. On November 10, 2014, Dr. Elliott took me through an unforgettable deliverance experience. My soul that had once been abused, molested, scared, tormented and confused is now whole. I am now able to walk in my purpose. If God can do it for me, He can surely do it for you.”


  • The Biblical Basis:  What is Deliverance Ministry?

  • How Do You Know if You or Someone in Your Family Need Deliverance?

  • What is a Generational Curse?

  • Can Curses Be Broken?

  • Satan and His Kingdom

  • God and His Kingdom

  • How to Recognize and Break Spiritual Strongholds

  • Speak No Evil

  • You Must Be Called:  The Deliverance Minister

  • The Deliverance Minister

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