Ephesians 4:11, 12

 Fivefold ministers (prophets,    pastors, evangelists, teachers or  apostles) “equip the saints for the   work of ministry” and bring the    body of Christ to maturity.

I         Course Schedule

        24-hour course

Location:  TBD

          Course Cost

$240 (Payment due at first class. May pay by credit card or paypal. May pay in full or be charged $30 per month.) Must have at least 10 students registered to take offer the



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Is this you?

  •  Are you desiring to learn more about the five-fold ministry?

  • Has the Holy Spirit been nudging you in this direction?

  • Have you been called to the office of Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist or Teacher and you are not sure how to walk in this calling?

  • Are you a pastor and have the vision to transition from a traditional church to a New Testament church? 

  • Do you have a vision for a new work, embracing the Five-Fold Ministry?

  • Are you an Apostle desiring to learn how to become an equipper of the Five-Fold ministry?

This course is for you!

                       Course Topics

Course Overview:  Five-fold ministers (prophets, pastors, evangelists, teachers or apostles) “equip the saints for the work of ministry” are recognized as having a discernible and functioning anointing—called to a particular office. Their anointing comes from the power, presence, and anointing of Jesus.  By the end of the course, students will know and understand the importance of the Five Fold Ministry, the Biblical Basis and Its Role as the New Testament Church.


  • What is the Five-fold Ministry?

  • Who is Qualified to Hold One of These Offices?

  • Qualifications of These Offices

  • Understanding the Office of an Apostle

  • Understanding the Office of the Prophet

  • Understanding the Office of the Pastor

  • Understanding the Office of the Evangelist

  • Understanding the Office of the Teacher

  • The Myths and Misconceptions About the Five-Fold Ministry

  • How Do These Ministries Work Together?

  • How Do the Five Fold Operate Within the Church?

  • How Does a Church Transition From a Traditional Church to a New Testament Church?

  • How Do You Develop a House Church or Cell Ministry as a Five-Fold Ministry?

*Five-fold Ministry Assessment is available for $25.  Upon completion, you will receive an executive summary and recommendations for ministry from Apostle Peggy Elliott.



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