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After the Deaths...Now What, America?

July 12, 2016


     Well, we've prayed, we've marched, we've held candlelight vigils. We've been horrified at the injustices and the lives taken, we've wept bitter tears and some have even turned their pain into hurting others. Shock and sadness has gripped the heart of America once again. 


     In my lifetime of 63 years, I have never been engaged in so many conversations with others, black, white, Hispanic, Native American Indian and Asian, who now concede that when we see a police car coming in our direction, we shudder at the thought that we might be pulled over and possibly shot by the ones who are to protect us.  Let me make it very clear that not all police officers are fearful of African Americans. Everyone is not fearful of the police.  Let's just say, for those of us who are African American who have husbands, sons and daughters, we check on them more today than ever before, reminding them to be careful in the  light of all that has happened last week. 


     Innocent lives were taken last week.  Fathers and mothers who left for work, killed, and will never return home.  Now what, America?  What will we do now?  Has anything really changed?  Do we revert to life as usual?  We are spontaneous in coming together for at least a month after a horrific national incident, but going into the third month, we tend to revert back to life as usual.  It will take those personally affected by the lives lost, more than two months to regain a since of normalcy in their lives, or will they ever?


     Now what?  Are last weeks killings so atrocious that America will never return to a sense of safety and freedom?  Will things grow worse instead of better?  I'd like to hear your thoughts. Now what?





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