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July 6, 2018

        Are you tired of the numbers of young men and women who are dying needlessly from gun violence and domestic violence?  Have you done all you know how to do to  stop this madness?  Does it seem as if these deaths take place in a certain geographic location in your city?  If so, you are dealing with a territorial spirit.  There is something you can do that will cause this spirit to leave, cease and desist.  

.       Daily, local news reports throughout the country, capture our attention as we listen to how crime is increasing in many communities.  We also hear of the increase in gun violence and domestic violence.  The deaths of innocent children are increasing.  What has happened in far too many of our communities whereby crime and death seem to now be the order of the day?  Gone are the days of children innocently playing down the street and not having to come home until it starts getting dark.  Gone are the days of two guys having a beef and ending it with just a loud argument or a fist fight.  It has now become the norm for students and teachers to mandatorily practice what to do, if a student turned gunman, riddles classrooms and hallways with rounds of bullets, killing many.

        Yes, there is a great need for healing in our communities. Is it possible to decrease the atrocities of gun violence?  Yes, it is.  Knowing that nothing is new under the sun, I turned to the Word of God to find the answer to this problem.   God led me to the book of Joshua.  “After the death of the Lord’s servant Moses, the Lord said to Moses’ helper, Joshua the son of Nun, “My servant Moses is dead.  So, you and all these people get up and cross the Jordan River to the land I am giving to the people of Israel.  I have given you every place where the bottom of your footsteps, touch, as I promised Moses.” Joshua 1:1-2

        The Lord appoints Joshua to succeed Moses. God promises to assist Joshua. Joshua’s mission was that of a military leader.  This passage records his call to bring the Israelites over the Jordan River into the promised land.  They were directed to get up and walk and every place they walked, they were to claim that territory as kingdom territory, territory taken back from the enemy. To overtake what I call a territorial spirit of murder, I felt led to organize a Joshua army.

     In this four part blog, I will share an overview of what God taught me to do to overtake a territorial spirit of murder, how to activate spiritual warfare. You can also purchase my newest book that walks you through the step-by-step process.  Just click the book below.  website:  www.drpeggyelliott.com  #drpeggyelliott




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