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July 9, 2018

     In this blog, I hope to encourage other Apostles, who, at times, may feel as if their work is in vain. Twelve years ago, God spoke to me, letting me know that I would experience the equipping of a traditional denominational church, a church choosing to transition into becoming a New Testament Apostolic Church, before going to Africa. 

I experienced that today and I leave for Africa in September.  
Change is never easy. Functioning in the role of an Apostle, is not always easy. We are sent ones, who observe, uproot, tear down and then build back up a body of Believers, by training and equipping them for their new work.
     Apostles partner and coach pastors in these endeavors, ensuring the congregation that changes must occur to fulfill the vision for their ministry.
     For the past five months, I have come alongside Pastor Brian and Minister Rhonda Herron, of Zion Baptist Church in Minneapolis to equip their leadership team. For 12 years,Pastor Herron had been praying for 12 years to have the congregation grow deeper spiritually, to worship in song until they enter the Holy of Holies, where healing and deliverance take place, praying to get the congregation out on the streets and take them back from the enemy.

     Yesterday, I began training Zion's leadership team in Understanding and Activating the Manifestation Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
     Well, today, today, today, today...Pastor Herron's prayers were answered today... And it's just the beginning. Zion experienced a time of deep, deep worship in the Lord, a time of breakthroughs for many.      Today, Pastor Herron declared that Zion was not going back to it's old ways on He declared that they are now a New Testament Apostolic Church!!!
     For me? As an Apostle, God has taught me that as much as I love the leadership and the people of a church, and enjoy training them, I cannot become a part of that body. I cannot be there every time the doors of the church are opened. Paul never joined churches he started or equipped. I will continue to train and equip at Zion. I can drop by periodically, check on them, but must keep it moving, preparing for the next assignment.
     If you function in the office of      Apostle, be encouraged. You are significant in preparing God's people for the work of the Lord. 


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