September 4, 2018

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What can you do, as a man, to counter an Ahab spirit within you?


     First, admit you are bound by an Ahab spirit and that you have abdicated your roles and responsibilities of being the head of your family to your wife.  Cry out to the Lord, asking for forgiveness, repenting for what you have and have not done, but should have.


     Renounce Ahab behavior, asking your family to forgive you.  Ask your wife for forgiveness and discuss with her, how you both will now interact with one another and your children, being supportive one of the other.  As the wife, remember, there can never be an Ahab spirit without Jezebel residing in the house.


Reader, please go to my website and purchase my I Am Finally Free book.  Regarding the Ahab spirit, learn how the children are impacted by Jezebel and Ahab as their parents.  #drpeggyelliott #repent #renounce #forgive #Ahab #Jezebel



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